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Are you ready to break free from the chains of pain and poor health? Resilient Health Portal is your gateway to a world of accredited information, resources, and tools designed to transform your life.

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"We believe in the power of knowledge, community and mentorship"


More than a platform, we're your partner in providing tools for applying newfound knowledge. Embark on an informed and supported journey toward lasting well-being with Resilient Health Portal.


Discover mental health resources, motivation tools, and comprehensive pain management courses led by our Resilient Health Coaches.


Access our accredited library with expert-endorsed resources on neck, back, and musculoskeletal pain--completely free!  


Stay on track with personalized exercise programs, reminders, and monthly group calls to help you stay on track. Just add you!


Become a part of our supportive community. Share experiences,  gain insights, and access input from our network of Health Professionals.



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Curated library of accredited health articles and resources

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Curated library of accredited health articles and resources

Workability vetted medical and health products

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Are you on one of these medical aids?

Does Back and Neck Pain limit your activities on most days?

Have you tried accessing medical care for this condition in the last 3 months?

You might qualify for a FULLY FUNDED Back and Neck Assistance Program from one of our partners!


BestMed Medical Scheme BestMed Medical Scheme 
Compcare Medical Scheme Compcare Medical Scheme 
GEMS Government Employees Medical Scheme GEMS Government Employees Medical Scheme 
Massmart Health Plan Massmart Health Plan 
Old Mutual Staff Medical Aid Fund (OMSMAF) Old Mutual Staff Medical Aid Fund (OMSMAF) 
POLMED South African Police Service Medical Scheme POLMED South African Police Service Medical Scheme 
South African Breweries Medical Aid Scheme (SABMAS) South African Breweries Medical Aid Scheme (SABMAS) 
Tiger Brands Medical Scheme Tiger Brands Medical Scheme 
Wooltru Healthcare Fund Wooltru Healthcare Fund 

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Overcome Back and Neck Pain


Transform Pain into Power

Join the Thrive Beyond Pain Journey from Resilient Health Coach

Embark on a six-week online group coaching journey to thrive beyond pain with expert guidance and personalized strategies.




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Your journey to Resilient Health starts now - where transformation is possible, and well-being is within reach.

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